Agreement on the use of the website

Before using the website (hereinafter referred to as the Service), read the terms of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement). Use of the Service is possible only subject to the terms of the Agreement. If you do not fully accept the terms of the Agreement, refuse to use the Service. Using the Service, you unconditionally accept all the terms of the Agreement. When using the Service, it is recommended each time to read the terms of the Agreement at:, hereinafter referred to separately as the "Contractor".

The text of the Agreement set forth below is a public offer for concluding the Agreement addressed to individuals and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as the Users). The Agreement is considered concluded and becomes effective from the moment of the start of using the Service. Using the Service is impossible without first familiarizing yourself with the text of the Agreement in each case of use.

Terms and Definitions

"Specification of work" means the terms of work, including the following:

  • deadline
  • Cost of Works, including VAT and other applicable taxes
  • composition of work
  • description of the result (if applicable)
  • the value of the exclusive right to the result of the Works (if applicable), including all applicable taxes
  • exchange of electronic messages to the email address specified during registration, reflecting the progress of the work
  • information about the involved Contractor

Other terms may be introduced by the Contractor subsequently.

Subject of the Agreement

The Contractor provides Users with the opportunity to use the functionality of the Service, receive information about other Users, post personal information, and also enter into transactions with the Customer and the Contractor. The ability to post information materials and other individual opportunities are provided to Users individually on the initiative and decision of the Contractor. All Users are granted access to information about other Users. Users can contact the Contractor or the Customer to conclude transactions on the performance of work and / or the provision of services by accepting the conditions by signing a paper document.


Users who intend to act as Customers of works or services (hereinafter referred to as the "Works") of other Users make a request to the Contractor by sending a request through the Service interface. The e-mail used or indicated by the Customer when initially contacting the Contractor is hereinafter used for official interaction between the Customer and the Contractor for all transactions concluded.
Upon receipt of the request and a sufficient amount of the input data provided, the Contractor shall specify the conditions for the execution of the Works and by e-mail send the Customer a link to the individual page of the project management system, login and password for access, as well as the Specification of the work. From the moment of confirmation of the Work Specification by e-mail, the Customer accepts the terms of the Contract Agreement and the Work Specification.
The Customer and the Contractor have the right to refuse to conclude a transaction at any time prior to the acceptance by the Customer of the Contract Agreement and the Work Specification.


Users who intend to act as Contractors of Works for Customers make a request to the Contractor by sending a request through the Service interface.
The email used or indicated by the Contractor during the initial contact with the Contractor is hereinafter used for official interaction between the Parties under the Agreement and other transactions concluded between the Parties.

By sending a request to the Contractor, the Contractor agrees to the terms of the Subcontract. If the Contractor agrees with the Contractor's candidacy upon receipt of the request and a sufficient amount of the input data provided, the Contractor sends the Contractor an e-mail with a link, following which the Contractor expresses its agreement with the Subcontract.

After the conclusion of the Subcontract, the Service contains information about the Contractor, including personal data, name, photos, examples of work and a description of the qualification. The Contractor agrees with the publication of such data in publicly available sources, including, but not limited to, the website, as well as with the transfer of its data to an unlimited circle of persons.
The Contractor and the Contractor agree on the specification of works by e-mail.
The Contractor and the Customer may also conclude a service agreement with each other.

Rights and obligations of the parties

The user undertakes to take measures to preserve his data used to access the Service and the project management system, and bear the associated risks. Any actions performed using the email addresses or data agreed upon by the Parties to access the project management system are deemed to be committed personally by the Parties.

When working in the project management system, the Contractor and the Contractor are entitled to post updates and leave comments. The customer is given the opportunity to view comments and updates posted by the Contractor and the Contractor. The Customer and the Contractor undertake to provide the necessary data at the request of the Contractor.

Users are entitled, at their discretion, to change the parameters for using the Service within the values established by the Contractor. The Contractor has the right to unilaterally make changes to the technical specifications and functionality of the Service, as well as to suspend access to the Service for the time necessary for the technical work. Access to the Service may also be limited in relation to any User by the decision of the Contractor without any compensation.

The service is provided "as is", that is, without any guarantees of technical serviceability, operability or applicability for any purpose. The service may be unavailable in whole or in part as a result of technical failures. The Contractor constantly takes all reasonable efforts to refine and adapt the Service.
Technical support is provided to users, however, the solution of all issues and compatibility with all programs and operating systems is not guaranteed.

General Provisions

This Contract may be amended unilaterally by the Contractor by publishing an updated version of the Contract at
The Service is not intended for use in countries where the use of the Service is illegal or may violate the law or the rights of third parties. The user independently evaluates the legality of using the Service in a particular country and bears full responsibility for violations of applicable law.

The contract is concluded for an indefinite period until terminated. The relations of the Parties under this Agreement are governed by the laws of the Russian Federation. Disputes shall be considered in the Moscow Arbitration Court or in a court of general jurisdiction at the location of the Contractor at the time of the suit.
Regulation on the processing of personal data The User agrees to the collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification, extraction, use, transfer (including cross-border transfer), access, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, processing of his personal data in order to fulfill this Agreement. The Contractor may use the minimum necessary list of personal data necessary to ensure the User's access to the capabilities of the Service.

The list of data transmitted by the User includes: email address, password, photo, payment information, payment details, contacting technical support, information on the date and time of the last use of the Service, information about the amount of traffic used, information about qualifications, information about used servers, as well as other information that the User transfers to the Provider when using the Service.
The email address and telephone number specified by the User can be used for official notifications and advertising mailings. Users are given the opportunity to limit the sending of advertising messages.
The Contractor is not related to the collection of information carried out by third-party programs and the operating system during the use of the Service.
Personal data can also be used to conduct statistical, marketing and other studies, resolve payment issues, technical support and evaluate the quality of the Service.
Certain personal data provided when using the Service is transmitted by the User directly to third parties, and their use is governed by separate agreements with such third parties.

Cookies technology

The service may use the technology "cookies", which is a small file that is automatically stored on the user's device. These files improve the interaction of the Service with the User and make it possible to improve the operation of the Service by reading information from these files.
Cookies are used in the analysis of the use of the Service and allow you to distinguish between different Users and analyze the use of the Service by Users. Cookies allow you to determine the date and time of use of the Service, the number of visits to the Service, the website from which the transition to the Service was made, as well as the activity of the User on the Service. In addition, cookies allow you to remember the options selected by the User in the Service and provide the ability to use the Service with individual settings.
Also, when using the Service, cookies of third parties (including distributors) may be stored on the User's device on the terms of such third parties.
The user may refuse to use cookies by changing the settings of the browser through which the Service is accessed, however, if the user refuses to use cookies, some functions of the Service may not be available.