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Is my landing page working? 7 signs it’s not in 2023

Landing pages are designed to make website customer traffic efficient - in other words, increase the conversion rate.
Marketing activities lead the potential customer to the landing page, and if the page is up to scratch and meets their needs, makes that all-important transition from visitor to buyer.
Before we list the 7 signs, here are a few basic landing page indicators that you need to pay attention to:

A. Conversion rate

This is the ratio of the number of users who completed the target action to the total number of site visitors. The average landing conversion rate in 2022-23:

B. Average time spent on the site

This information helps to understand how interesting and useful the content is, as well as to evaluate the overall user experience (UX). Ideally, it should be at least 45 seconds. A poor indicator is 10 seconds or less.

C. Bounce rate

The average bounce rate range is between 41 and 51%. A ‘normal’ bounce rate depends a lot on your industry and where your traffic comes from. 

This indicator consists of two groups of users:
  • The percentage of users who only had to visit the landing page to realise this is not what they need at all.
  • The percentage of users from whom it was not possible to achieve any actions, but performed some kind of interaction with the landing page.

A ‘normal’ bounce rate depends a lot on your industry and where your traffic comes from.

Download speed

Every second of delay in loading a web page reduces conversion by 7% and increases the likelihood of a negative result. The average figures are 0-2 seconds.

And now we get to the critical 7 signs your landing page is not working.

1. Too much - or too little - text

The amount of text is determined not by the niche, but the customer - the target audience. There should be just enough characters to convince them. No more and no less.
Remember that in a world where 93% of all human communication is visual, it's important to create your content in line with this trend and make sure you're giving your audience content they can connect with.

2. The application form is not in the right place

When the CTA is triggered or activated, a capture form appears which is where you collect the customer’s contact details. From the point of view of conversion, two points are important - where it’s placed on the landing page, and how it looks.

Most visitors do not navigate past the first screen unless it’s traffic from social networks. These people immediately send a request or call if the offer suits them, otherwise they immediately leave. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that the form is visible right from the start of the UX.

People who tend to be more considered will read the information to the end, so the rule of thumb is that an additional form should also always be placed on the last screen.
Often there are multiple screens, so it’s worth adding a form for every two semantic blocks and maximise conversion opportunities at every stage of navigation from the landing page.

3. You’re talking more about yourself, and not the client

Landing pages with high conversion are focused not on the qualities of the company or product, but on the benefits and value-add for the customer.
Many pages use the blocks:
If your information in them is given in principle on the case, but doesn’t interest the customer, correct it.
Imagine yourself in the customer's place, what would you like to get from your own product?

4. You made the wrong offer or didn’t describe the unique selling proposition (USP)

An offer is why customers come to you. Show how you solve their needs.
On landing pages with high conversion, offers come down to these three things:
The USP is not just about messaging around ‘we’re selling a product’. It needs to also include ‘why our product is of value to you’ (target audience appropriate), and ‘how it will solve your needs’.

Interestingly, the main factor when it comes to USP is not uniqueness - it’s actually value for the targeted audience. The customer doesn't care as much about your product or service, as much as they want a solution to their needs.
The USP is always on the first screen, so it’s visible immediately and regardless of the device you’re using - computer, phone, tablet.

5. There is no call-to-action (CTA) button

An effective call to action is THE incentive to get what you need from the visitor on your site.
The CTA button must look like a button:

The button must have a contrast noticable colour:
Not enough contrast with the background. Not enough contrast with the CTA.

6. Landing page is not adaptive

Mobile devices now account for approximately half of web traffic worldwide. In the second quarter of 2022, mobile devices generated 58.99% of global website traffic.
Before publishing your landing page, check how it looks on different devices, make sure that it’s mobile responsive, the text is easily readable, and the buttons are functional. Consider the UX at all times.

To give the landing page a more modern look – and knowing your target audience - a few simple changes are enough.

7. The page is not ‘on brand’

If you’re not attracting the customers who you initially created your landing page for, ask yourself if it still suits them. Make sure that your page provides visitors with the necessary information, increasing the conversion rate.

And if you’ve recently changed your logo or corporate colours, make sure your landing page reflects this. Your brand design throughout all of your marketing tactics needs to be consistent to maintain awareness and engagement and minimise confusion.

In addition, an outdated landing page may alienate users who are already used to modern design. If the structure of the page is fragmented, overflowing with inconsistent content and low-quality images, it’s definitely worth changing.

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