Art Director, UX/UI Designer, Analyst, Copywriter, Manager
With a 75-year history, Kenwood is without a doubt one of the most recognisable brands providing high-quality kitchen appliances and loved by cooks and bakers internationally.

This award-winning British brand is stocked extensively in major department stores and electrical retailers with the company's products designed to be rewarding investments.

Their team of designers, engineers and technical experts love cooking just as much as they love what they do and this passion goes into every little design feature, meticulously considered to make your cooking experience the best it can be.

Kenwood is, quite simply, the best helper in the kitchen.
Our task was to introduce users to Kenwood Chef Baker – a new product line to the new market. This involved showcasing its enhanced features, including a more sophisticated motor, weighing capabilities and stunning personalised design. We needed to convey the true value of this line - that it easily replaces all small kitchen electrical appliances and allows the user to unleash their cooking creativity and potential.
Present USP products
Show differences within the ruler
Motivate visitors to purchase

Present products' unique selling points

Show differences within the product line

Motivate visitors to purchase a product

When you click on the hot spot related to a specific function of the product, you're then able to read a detailed description and watch a demonstration of its application. This allowed us to show a large amount of information without changing the size of the landing page and additionally, introduces the potential customer to the functionality of the new products to promote sale.
To demonstrate the full features of the entire Kenwood Chef Baker line, the advantages of four models are outlined and displayed on a separate screen.
The last screen helps the potential customer choose exactly which model would be the right one for their kitchen and cooking needs. The comparison format lists the key characteristics considered important when making this decision. For the buyers that already know what they want, you can get to this screen directly by clicking the button from the first screen. This avoids the need to scroll through the entire page.
There are two subgroups of products in the new line: XXX85 and XXX65.
To maximise both UX and UI, the features of each subgroup of products are displayed on a separate interactive screen with hot spots.

Art Conduct prides itself on its innovative method of working with top brands and delivering the highest quality results by using the most talented marketing professionals who love what they do and deliver the best for our clients.
This aligned perfectly with the Kenwood brand who uses passionate designers, engineers and technical experts for all of their products.
Gotham's signature grotesque accentuates the feeling of innovative technological solutions in the new product line.
Typographic contrasts and several text styles help to build content hierarchically, simplify and speed up the perception of information. The screen titles build the narrative of the entire landing page. The user first pays attention to the keywords and, if desired, can delve into a detailed description.
The design of the page with bright accents helps to convey minimalism and individual style of the line, inspiring creativity.

The ability to choose the colour of the top panel of the product is highlighted on a separate landing screen. Variations of interchangeable panels are arranged in a circle and rotate when scrolling the page. This adds a certain dynamic when viewing and allows you to engage the user and hold their attention. Call-to-action buttons are highlighted with accent colours for greater impact.

To stir lively emotions and a fresh look at the culinary process, we chose a combination of a yellow shade of cheddar and a bright pink shade of rhubarb for the accent colours.

Pink highlights hot spots, action buttons and keywords in the text. The yellow colour highlights the keywords in the headings. The colours work together on the screen to showcase the general characteristics of all models of the line.
The landing page is scaled for other media. Depending on the format and proportions of the screen, individual composite solutions have been developed for:
– HD monitors
– standard desktops
– tablets
– mobile devices
We presented the unique trading points (UTP) of the new Kenwood Chef Baker XL product line to engage loyal and potential customers of the brand and motivate them to purchase. The end result was an effective campaign and presentation that holds the users' attention on the advantages, doesn't overwhelm with information, and introduces the first launch phase of the line.